Tiara Agustina, Evie Kareviati



Reading is useful in language acquisition. In fact, most of students get difficulty to find schematic and linguistic structure in reading recount text. They could not identify the contextual meaning. Hence, the aim of this research was to find out what is students’ difficulties in reading recount text. This research employed qualitative research as a research methodology and the descriptive research as a research design. The participant of this research was 35 students of eight grade of SMPN 1 Cisarua in West Bandung Regency. The instrument of this research used Questionnaire and Interview to know the students’ difficulties. The problem concerned to the students’ difficulties in reading recount text. During the research, the researcher found that the students were often hard to understand the meaning of the words. They were confused to comprehend each paragraph. Hence, they can not do their best to answer the questions. They were also did not know how to use tenses. They did not know when they have to use present tense and past tense. They felt afraid of making mistakes in reading recount text.

Keywords: Reading, Recount text, Difficulties




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